The Study of Confucius Birds Has Made Progress

The Research of Confucius Birds Has Made Progress

New birds data are discovered within the Early Cretaceous Rehe biota, belonging to Eoconfuciusornis. The Confucius Birds are the oldest and most primitive members of the Confuciusornithiformes, whereas the Confucius birds are the oldest birds data with keratous beaks. Though 1000’s of specimens of the Norwegian chook have been discovered, solely the second anthropogenic fossils had been reported on this research. The primary group of birds is discovered solely within the first a part of the Huaji camp group, which is the oldest chook along with the ancestral birds. It is usually the preliminary stage of the evolution of the Rehe neighborhood. The chook fossils are very uncommon. The newly reported ancestral chook is housed within the Tianyu Nature Museum in Shandong, which preserves many traces of sentimental tissue, together with ovaries, indicating that it’s a feminine particular person. This ovary preserves the rising and completely different sizes of yolk, which is analogous to the dwelling birds, indicating that the Confucius birds and the dwelling ‘birds data’ much like the evolution of a fancy vitality mannequin to adapt to the early progress and breeding interval Excessive ranges of metabolic wants. In distinction, in different primitive birds, together with extra progressive anti-birds, and non-bird dinosaurs, the dimensions of the egg yolk is small and should point out that their metabolic ranges are low.

The brand new fossil preserved pores and skin prints point out that the wing of the preliminary chook chook has an auxiliary wing movie. Contemporary birds have a lot of wing movies, so the invention of the preliminary chook will present quite a lot of data to debate the looks of the wing movie. The pterodactylus doesn’t develop the winglet wing movie (which connects the winglets and different bones of the hand), however has a entrance wing movie (connecting the shoulder and wrist) and the rear wing (connecting the ulna and the hand) The entrance wing movie and the rear wing movie seem sooner than the winglet wing movie. Extra importantly, the brand new Porcupine fossil preserves the interior construction of the wing membrane, exhibiting the identical collagen connection construction because the dwelling birds, and this construction facilitates the lifting of the raise, thus aiding the flying feathers in flight Within the function. The brand new starting of the Confucius Fossil additionally preserves the feather shade spots, which can symbolize the birds of the earliest sexual double sort feathers. The brand new specimen could point out that the feminine inhabitants of the preliminary chook is smaller than the male particular person, and there’s no lengthy tail feather, which is analogous to the later days of the chook. Via the scanning electron microscope, the researchers noticed the feather pigment physique, and accordingly on the start of the chook chook feathers had been restored, that the start of the chook’s wings have black spots, the physique’s feathers within the neck with a crimson band (restoration See Michael Rothman painted) To this point, no different Rehe biota birds have so many varieties of gentle tissue or prints (feathers, pores and skin, collagen, ovaries), and these buildings discovered within the new specimens present probably the most correct data for the restoration of primitive “birds information”. These gentle tissue buildings present a lot of organic traits of the preliminary chook, in addition to its feather construction, the presence of each sexes, and the event of the wing membrane, all of which contribute to the evolution of the flight capabilities of the unique birds.