Consider Euthanasia for Your Pet Hamster to Save It from Pain and Suffering

Every life comes to an end and hamsters are no exception. They have a very short lifespan as they show signs of aging when they are hardly 12 to 18 months old. Their average life expectancy is usually three years.

If you notice that your old hamster pet has stopped eating and drinking, then it means he is seriously ill and that his end is very close. At this point, it becomes harder when you see your pet suffering from pain. You have no other option except to opt for euthanasia as a possible treatment option.

How do you analyze if euthanasia is the only option?

Keep monitoring the symptoms of illness closely of your pet hamster and seek veterinary help. Since they are small, they often worsen quickly and might not respond to any treatment once their illness is apparent. If you find that your pet hamster’s condition is not improving and rather worsening, then seek the help of a trusted veterinarian if euthanasia is the best option.

During such difficult moments, Zen Dog Veterinary Care strives to make this time a little less difficult. They offer at-home euthanasia services to provide a proper and dignified end for your pet. They ensure that your final moments with your pet hamster are spent in the comfort of your home and not in a veterinary hospital.

They have certified vets who have advanced training in CAETA, which makes them experts in the art of gentle euthanasia. They also take care of your pet’s transportation and aftercare in partnership with Final Gift Pet Memorial Center which offers both private and communal cremation. They have been serving in New York, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Westchester.

Vet clinics take care by completely sedating your pet first and making it sleep peacefully and then administering the injected medicine that helps your pet to pass off peacefully. This gives you time to spend time with your pet before they close their eyes.

Common causes of death in hamsters

Hamsters are prone to some fatal diseases like diarrhea that results in a wet-looking bottom and is called Wet Tail. It progresses quickly and usually results in the death of the animal. Vets suggest euthanasia to ensure your pet hamster is put to rest as soon as possible so that it does not have to bear the pain.

Dehydration is another reason that is dangerous for hamsters and leads to their death quickly. Older hamsters usually die from geriatric diseases like cancers, kidney or heart failures, and adrenal gland disorder. Your pet hamster’s death might also be due to some genetic disease.

The right moment for your pet hamster’s euthanasia

A dying hamster is not active at all, sleeps a lot, stops drinking and eating, and hides in a corner of the cage to pass off peacefully.

Letting your pet hamster suffer from pain due to diseases like kidney or liver failure or cancers is more painful to see. Therefore, you should consider at home pet euthanasia NYC to prevent your pet suffer from further pain and suffering.