How to Help Your Dog With Separation Anxiety

Is your dog so scared the minute you leave the house? Are they suddenly putting damage in your home even though they have never acted like this in the past? Do they shake when you are leaving the house? These are all signs of separation anxiety within a dog. A dog will have separation anxiety at different parts of their life. Although not every dog experience it, it’s perfectly normal for your dog to experience it at some part of their life. It can be ongoing on just a phase. The expertdog boarding businessis here to talk to you about how to help your dog with separation anxiety. Keep reading to learn more.

Get enough exercise

The first step is to ensure your dog is getting enough exercise. If they are not, they will feel upset that they are being left. This can cause them to act out. This is even more true if you have an apartment or your dog goes inside of a crate. Although the crate will cause them not to misbehave all day. With that said, they are getting less exercise and you need to remember that. Make sure that your dog is getting enough exercise by waking up 30 minutes early and take them for a run or a walk. Take them and throw the ball for them at the park. It can cause them to sleep way more when you are gone, and it will cause them to not stay awake all night and keep you awake.

They have food and water

The next thing to remember is to ensure they have food and water. This may seem obvious, but a if a dog remembers one bad experience where there was not enough water, this can cause them to have anxiety when you are leaving. Make sure to check their water and ensure they have plenty of it before you leave each time.

You pay attention to them

The next tip is to always ensure you are giving them enough attention. If there has suddenly been a change in your life like a baby coming in, a spouse moving in, a new job with different hours, your dog can suddenly feel neglected. That is why it’s important to pay enough attention to your furry friend. Make sure to give them some love in the morning and the evening to ensure you didn’t forget about them.

Someone comes and watches them

If they are still acting up it may mean that someone needs to watch them during the day while you are at work. There are so many different options for great people to watch your pet. They will feed them, walk them, and give them the attention they need to relieve their anxiety.

Don’t overemphasis the goodbye

Many people show their dog they love them by having a long drawn out goodbye. The thing is, this will cause their dog to panic and feel upset their owner is upset. Make sure that you act normal each time you say goodbye. Make sure that you say goodbye but don’t make it long and heartfelt.

As you can see, there are still many things that you can be doing to help put your dogs heart at ease and hopefully help to relieve some of the anxiety they are having from you leaving. We hope this helps and your dog is on their way to staying much happier and more content.